Google Chrome’s web store has released many user-friendly themes and add-ons over the years. As a web designer, I find myself browsing through other people’s websites for colors, fonts, and other ideas. On the more technical side, I’m starting to pay close attention to the accessibility of a website as well as analytics/how well a website is performing. These free add-ons can be installed to your Chrome browser and help improve your workflow as a web designer/developer.


1. ColorPick Eyedropper

Out of all the add-ons I use, ColorPick Eyedropper is by far one of my favorite tools that I use on a regular basis. Not only is the tool extremely helpful with working on websites (finding the perfect color scheme), but it’s helped countless times when working on other visual projects with programs like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

This add-on allows you to easily find the exact hex code of any particular color on a web page. No more downloading color palettes from Google images and using the eyedropper tool in Photoshop!

Find it here: ColorPick Eyedropper


2. WhatFont

Have you ever wondered what font a specific site was using? Now you can find out with the WhatFont add-on!

I find myself heavily relying on this particular add-on when it comes to font ideas and building new websites. It’s also extremely helpful to find out just how large (or spaced apart) text is on a page; I use this if I need to quickly check my work and make sure all the font sizes are consistent.

Find it here: WhatFont


3. GoFullPage – Full Page Screen Capture

GoFullPage is a great add-on not just for web designers and developers, but for all people looking for a quicker way to save screenshots of web pages. This add-on allows you to quickly save an entire web page with a single click—where you then have the option to save it to your computer as a PDF or PNG.

You can use it to screenshot online receipts, recipes, design inspiration/ideas and more.

Find it here: GoFullPage – Full Page Screen Capture


4. WAVE Evaluation Tool

Website accessibility is becoming more important as newer technology evolves with helping the visually impaired. The WAVE tool is a popular website that allows you to check for any accessibility barriers. WAVE’s free online tool has been added to the Chrome web store and can be easily installed to your browser—saving you the time and extra work.

Find it here: WAVE Evaluation Tool


5. Page Analytics (by Google)

If your website is registered with Google Analytics and you pay close attention to user response rate, you’ll know how important it is to have an Analytics tool ready to check. You can download the Page Analytics add-on and connect it to your existing Google account to quickly check your website’s page views, clicks, bounce rates and more—this saves you the hassle of pulling it up on the website every time.

Find it here: Page Analytics (by Google)


Wrapping Up

You may have other favorite Chrome tools/add-ons that you use regularly—these are my go-to ones that I now heavily rely on. Comment below some of your favorites!

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