Picking a good hosting plan for your website can be tricky.  Given that there are thousands of companies to choose from, it can make it that much harder to choose.  Below are some companies I personally recommend and also advise clients to stay away from.  Although this list doesn’t cover a fraction of the great hosting companies out there, I wanted to share my personal experiences and/or experiences from other clients from these particular hosting companies.


1.  SiteGround

When setting up and/or transferring a new website, I’ve found that SiteGround is the most helpful by far.  They include a free site transfer, SuperCacher (with GrowBig and higher plans), and free SSL certificates on all domains within your account.  I found their support system to be fast and easy-to-use; their live chat is especially handy.

Some particular things I like about them:

  • Great website speed with SuperCacher (select plans only)
  • Fast support, pretty knowledgeable
  • Easy-to-use account management


2.  InMotion Hosting

While InMotion is a little bit more on the pricey side, I find that their support is unbeatable.  Out of the numerous times I’ve called their tech support, they were able to solve the issue each time.  Some team members appear to be a little more knowledgeable in certain areas, but I think that’s expected for most hosting companies.

Some particular things I like about them:

  • Great website speed with NGINX cache (select plans only)
  • Very knowledgeable support team—however, wait times can be very long, especially on phone

My only complaint is that the Account Management Panel (AMP) can be sometimes difficult to navigate.  If you have VPS Hosting, using the WHM can sometimes cause additional confusion.


3.  HostGator

HostGator offers some great and affordable plans for small businesses, however, I’m not very impressed with their server speed.  For most of the websites I’ve worked on with HostGator, the speed can easily be fixed with a caching plugin.

While I don’t recommend HostGator for higher-end websites that require a large amount of storage/bandwidth, I find that it’s great for smaller businesses looking to stay within a budget.


Wrapping Up

If you look online for top rated hosts, you’ll find lots of great companies that can fulfill your business needs.  The most important thing to keep in mind is whether it’s a reliable company that provides the support customers need.  Also, looking at the features within each plan (SSL certificates, bandwidth, storage, etc.) can help you decide what fits your needs best.

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