Kayli Online Design

This is a contract between Kayli Online Design and the client listed below:

I. Duration:
Time duration varies depending on size of website and/or amount of content (written text, images, etc.). Specific time frame will be discussed with client at first or second meeting.

II. Payment:
Payment is due upon completion of project. Failure to make payment within 7 days can result in withdrawal of important information such as API keys for updates, plugins, themes and more (such information is required for a website to continue working). Payments can be made through PayPal at [email protected], or written check.

III. Additional Charges:
Some additional charges may be required for optional/mandatory plugins and/or add-ons for client website. Client is responsible for such charges. Failure to pay additional charges could result in breaking of a plugin.

IV. Change(s):
Unless otherwise noted, additional change(s) after website completion are currently $20 per hour. Hourly rate subject to change based on the same time period and percentage increase as the US minimum hourly wage. Failure to make payment within 7 days will result in breach of contract and void future projects and/or changes. Monthly maintenance plans are also available.

V. Client Responsibilities:
As mentioned above, client is responsible for any and all additional charges on website (i.e. plugins, add-ons, yearly maintenance fee). If client suspects malicious malware on website, it is their responsibility to contact technical support and/or Kayli immediately. Failure to do so could result in security breaches and further consequences to website.

VI. Confidentiality:
Unless otherwise noted, all usernames, emails, API keys, and passwords used for the website and any plugins/additional add-ons are to remain confidential between client and Kayli Parks only.

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